A little politeness goes a long way …

… but that’s something the game community is obviously unaware of. Yesterday I decided to try out several StarCraft II Arcade games. One of them, Aeon of Storms, a League-of-Legends-like map attracted my attention.
There’s no tutorial and I found out about the official site after I’ve played the first game, so it was no surprise I made a couple of dumb mistakes. But hey, everyone started small, don’t you think? Alas the vast majority of players don’t see things that way. Instead of telling me what I did wrong, I was instantly called names, threatened, and asked to leave the game. I only encountered one player who was willing to give me a few tips. Over all my experience was pretty bad, even though I enjoyed the gameplay.
I think this is a big issue with the gaming community nowadays. Although I’ve noticed that this problem is more prevalent online than offline. People don’t have the patience to help new players, they usually just complain and yell at them. If someone told me what I did wrong, I could have instantly adjusted, but basically noone even bothered. But they had more than enough time to spew forth rudeness.


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