Tethering an iPad to an iPhone 3GS: It works!

For ages I tried to connect my iPad (with only WiFi and no 3G) to my iPhone 3GS to no avail. The iPad was unable to find the iPhone over BT and vice versa. I actually started to believe this was Apple’s method of saying: “Get an iPhone 4!”
But after some further research I found out that this was actually not the case. I just did something wrong. I tried to connect the two devices before actually enabling the Personal Hotspot function. So the iOS devices see no reason to connect and don’t find each other over BT. So here’s what you have to do:

  • Enable BT on both devices
  • Enable the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone
  • Go to the BT settings on the iPad and connect to the iPhone
  • Start surfing!

That was actually not that hard, wasn’t it? 😉


One thought on “Tethering an iPad to an iPhone 3GS: It works!

  1. I don’t have a Personal Hotspot option in both my iPhone 3gs and iPad 3; I went to Apple Store and AT&T Store and they advised that I need to subscribed to the tethering service so AT&T can activate this option, is this true? Pls. advise to my email address at vlapaz@allvictors.com, Victor Lapaz

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