No more ICQ for me

icqnomore Today I decided to finally stop using the ICQ protocol. There were only a few of my friends left who weren’t using at least one alternative chat protocol. There are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t use ICQ, but the most important for me are the following:

  • When agreeing to the ICQ Terms of Service you surrender all your copyrights on the information posted. Basically ICQ Inc. can take everything you talked about on the network and publish it, if they wish to do so. Even if it was meant to be private.
  • ICQ is changing the protocol constantly to lock out alternative clients. Since I wouldn’t even touch the original ICQ client with a ten foot pole, this is another reason to stop using it. I don’t want to rely on a network that can lock out my favorite client software any time.
  • I am sick of fake Russian girls who try to add me to their contact lists. ICQ has always been used for spam but recently it has been getting worse. 

The fact that ICQ is now owned by a Russian investment company doesn’t improve things. I don’t want to give all my personal information and everything I send over ICQ to some Russian company. I would have loved to delete my ICQ account, but alas that’s impossible. That’s of course a violation of current EU law, but as if ICQ ever cared about that…


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