Newspapers on the iPad

I just cancelled my newspaper subscription. I didn’t do so because I am not interested in reading it anymore, but because their iPad edition is more appealing to me. The content of the iPad edition is pretty much the same as the print edition but it makes full use of the capabilities of Apple’s tablet computer. They also added small videos or photo galleries to the articles and sometimes the articles feature popups with additional background information.

Although the “Frankfurter Rundschau” has adopted the tabloid size some time ago, it’s still a bit unwieldy sometimes. And the second problem is waste paper. When I am done reading the iPad edition, I just delete it. It’s unfathomable how much waste paper a daily newspaper produces. Another advantage of the iPad edition over the regular subscription is that I can buy the issues I am really interested in and still the price is much lower than what you usually pay for a print issue at the newsstand.


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