My Top 5 iPhone Apps

When Apple opened the iPhone for 3rd party developers and introduced the AppStore the iPhone stopped being a good mobile phone and became a great one. With the right apps your iPhone can be much more than a simple smartphone with a touchscreen. Here are my 5 most favorite apps:

Tweetie 2
Tweetie 2Tweetie was my favorite iPhone Twitter client until Tweetie 2 came out.
What makes Tweetie 2 stand out from all the other Twitter clients is it’s great UI and the ease of use. It even has some powerful features like autocomplete of Twitter usernames, reply-to-all and threaded direct messages that I am missing in most desktop Twitter clients.

Alas Tweetie 2 isn’t free but sets you back €2.39 which is pretty reasonable considering the long list of features.
For more information check out the official website or get it on the AppStore.




Trillian for iPhone
Trillian for iPhoneWhen you have been following this blog you probably already know that I love Trillian. The new Trillian Astra not only looks great but also comes with all the features you want from an multi-protocol messenger. Trillian for iPhone now brings all the Trillian goodness to your favorite mobile phone.

Trillian for iPhone synchronizes with your Trillian Astra account, has support for push notifications and saves your chat sessions server-side, so you never miss a message. Trillian for iPhone costs €3.99 and is available on the AppStore. For more details check out the official announcement on the developer’s blog.


Eucalyptus Of course there are a lot of ebooks and ebook readers on the AppStore, but Eucalyptus is a true gem. It is the only ebook reader I know that feels like a book or better like a whole library at your fingertips. Eucalyptus combines the access to over 20,000 books (from the Project Gutenberg library) with a very good-looking and accessible user interface.

Alas this comes at a hefty price. The app sets you back €7.99 which is quite a lot compared to the free Stanza application. But in my opinion Eucalyptus is worth every penny. You probably won’t find a better ebook reader app for the iPhone. You can get more details on the AppStore or the official site.

Dicenomicon When you also follow my other blog Stargazer’s World, you probably already know that I am an avid roleplaying games fan. And what is the most important tool any roleplayer needs aside from a pencil and paper? Dice! Dicenomicon is my favorite dice-rolling application for the iPhone so far. It doesn’t look as pretty as some of its competitors but it has a lot of cool features. It not only features the standard dice like the d4, d6, d8 etc. but also allows you to roll Fudge dice or lets you set up more complicated dice combinations like “roll 4D6 and add up the highest three”.

The Dicenomicon sets you back €3.99 on AppStore. For more information check the official site and the review I’ve written for my other blog.


Wikipanion Wikipanion is one of the apps that lets you access the Wikipedia from your iPhone. Of course, you can always use the Safari browser to go to Wikipedia directly but Wikipanion makes reading and searching for Wikipedia articles much easier. Especially when you want to access the world’s largest encyclopedia while on the commute or when you don’t have access to a PC, Wikipanion is a live saver. And the best of all: it’s free. There’s a Wikipanion Plus that costs a few bucks, but for most users (including me) the free version is more than sufficient.

You can get more details on Wikipanion on its official site and get it for free from the AppStore.


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