Motorola Cliq

Most of the smatphones using Google’s Android OS were pretty ugly in my opinion. But now Motorola surprised me with the Motorola Cliq.

On the first glance it looks much like an iPhone. But in addition to a 3.1” touchscreen it has a full QUERTY keyboard that neatly slides under the screen, when you don’t need it.

It comes with a 5-megapixel camera, GPS and all other features you expect from a modern smartphone. I am not sure if this phone could convince me to replace my iPhone 3G, but it’s actually looking great.

One of the most interesting features is Motoblur. This software syncs personal and work contacts, connects to social networks and shows all relevant information on the phone’s home screen. Motoblur comes with out-of-the-box support for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

It also comes with a MicroSD slot that supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB. The internal memory of 2GB is a bit small in my opinion, but that’s only a minor drawback since you can use MicroSD cards. All in all it looks like an interesting alternative to an Apple iPhone.


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