DestroyTwitter Last week, my up to that point favorite Twitter client Tweetdeck started to act strange, so I decided to give some alternatives a try. I searched the internet for reviews and stumbled upon DestroyTwitter. It may sound a bit strange, but it’s definitely one of the better Twitter clients out there. Like a lot of other Twitter clients it’s using Adobe AIR and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

So, what makes DT different?

  • Low memory usage: approx. 48.000K, TweetDeck uses 82.000K for example
  • Highly customizable: you can not only change the colors by using themes, you can also choose between a compact and wide UI. The latter shows Home, Replies and Messages at once.
  • It’s fast: ok, this is highly subjective, since I haven’t made any benchmark tests, but it seems to response faster than the other clients I tried
  • Built-in search: DT has a built in Search tab that allows you to search on Twitter without accessing the browser
    Aside from all that, DT just looks and works great. If you are looking for another Twitter client, you should check DestroyTwitter a try.

2 thoughts on “DestroyTwitter

  1. It stopped showing updates by people I followed. Only replies/mentions worked. I first thought it was a general Twitter problem, but other clients worked.
    I am pretty sure I could have get it working again, but it was a good opportunity to look at some alternatives.

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