Trouble with the start menu in Windows 7 RC

Win 7 Start Menu A lot of people are already using the Windows 7 Release Candidate and even though it’s not final, it usually works much better than the release version of Vista for example. But of course each software has bugs and Windows 7 RC is no exception.

Today I encountered a very strange bug, that took me quite some time to fix: Suddenly all the entries in “All Programs” where gone from the Start Menu. Of course I could access all programs by searching for them or clicking on the .exe files in the Explorer, but all entries where gone from the Start Menu itself.

The solution is quite simple: it seems Win 7 RC (I hope they fixed that in the final release version) gets in trouble when there are too many entries in the root of the Start Menu. When you remove or rearrange a few entries in the Start Menu, suddenly all entries under “All Programs” mysteriously reappear.

But, how can you make changes to the Start Menu? That’s easy. You can find all your Start Menu entries in the following Directory:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Just delete unneeded entries or create a new folder and move a few of the entries in the root of the Start Menu to this folder and voilà, all entries under “All Programs” are back.


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